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Welcome to Maharaja Me.

I am John Dalal.

Little did I know, in 1987, when I started working with my father in New York City as an Indian textile resource that I was embarking on a committed and fulfilling career as an importer.  During the 10 years that I worked with my father I developed relationships with a wide array of individuals in the apparel, home furnishings and decorator trades. Yearly trips to India allowed me to forge relationships with mills and artisans as well; continuing what my father started many decades earlier. My customers were sole proprietors of unique and varied businesses while others were design and production members of large teams.  At the time, one of  my responsibilities was to reach out to contemporary designers who weren’t knowledgeable of or using Indian textiles.  It was and still is my great pleasure to introduce creative people to the technical, historical and artisanal attributes of Indian textiles.

While in New York City, I started Maharaja Me with my partner Aaron Sauberan.  Together we designed and produced goods made from Indian textiles for the women’s accessories and home furnishings markets.  During this time my partner attended graduate school and Maharaja Me became increasingly my undertaking.  Striking out on my own created the opportunity for my partner and I to move to California in the fall of 1997.  Since then I have continued to work with a selection of customers.  Additionally I design and produce a growing collection of silk fabrics sold in decorator showrooms in several cities.

In 2001, our son Raul came to live with us.  He was five months old.  Caring for an infant and young child is incredibly rewarding yet very time consuming.  During his earliest years I chose to focus on him while maintaining a close relationship with long-standing customers and showrooms.  All of my professional relationships and duties took on a new facet.  Business calls were an opportunity to chat with customers about parenting and Raul has met customers while on business trips to New York City and cities on the west coast.  Now that he is in elementary school, I have an increasing amount of time to devote to Maharaja Me.
I would encourage you to explore what I can do for you or your business.  It would be my pleasure.

John Dalal